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Willow's Leads


Willow's Leads make good quality, bespoke dog leads, bespoke dog collars, bespoke dog walking harnesses and anything else you can think of.

All items are made to order and custom made for your specific needs.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Zero DC


All our race dogs run in fantastic Zero DC Faster harnesses.

The fit and workmanship is great and we are very grateful for their support.

Essential Dog Food


All the dogs at Seppstasja kennels are fed on Essential Dog Food. It is a grain free food, if anyone would like anymore info or samples then please feel free to contact us.


ESSENTIAL FOODS is something very special and serving ESSENTIALS is extraordinary. Our philosophy is that our meals should help to achieve the most balanced behaviour (BOF) as well as the optimal health for your dog. Year after year. Everyone deserves that. To meet this ambitious goal, content and composition need to be of unmatched quality. Welcome to ESSENTIAL FOODS.


Outlined more traditionally, one could write:

The BOF principle -combines innovation with common sense

At least 35% fresh chicken, duck, salmon, trout, herring, deer, lamb and/or eggs in our recipe

Prepared in UK using mainly local ingredients

7 out of 8 meals have a content of +65% meat/fish/egg ingredients

In total, at least 30% protein content

30% vegetables, seeds, berries, fruits, herbs, vitamins & minerals

All meals are completely free from grain.


Our 6 health packages always included in ESSENTIALS meals:

ProbioticsPack: MOS and FOS + Alfalfa

BerryPack: Cranberries, acai, blueberries, mulberries

FruitPack: Apple, tomato, orange, pear

GardenPack: Carrot, pea, spinach, cauliflower

HerbPack: Seaweed, green tea, ginger, marigold

FlexibilityPack: Glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin

Chris's Page

Digital Events Photography


A lot of the photos on the website were taken by Chris Wellstead. To have a look at his work click the link!


Mystic Charoite Racing



Here is a website for our friends over at Mystic and Charoite kennels.

Taken from Essential Foods website with thanks.