Our Litters

So far at Seppstasja we have only bred one litter, but what an amazing litter they have turned out to be!

All 6 pups are in working homes and compete at numerous races throughout the season. We are incredibly proud of their achievements.  

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Starfire's Jinx


Ch Charoite Witch's Brew



Zephyr (Zeph when he isn’t being naughty) is a powerhouse of a dog who generally runs at his best in wheel.  Since first hitting the trail in November 2014, he has been on gold and silver medal winning 3 and 4 dog teams with BSHRA, the BSSF gold medal winning 6 dog team in 2015 and the BSSF gold medal winning 8 dog team in 2016. He has many other top 3 places under his collar including a 1st and a 2nd place at the SHCGB Aviemore event.

Off the trail, Zeph is very much a person dog. He adores snuggles and one-on-one attention which even stretches to grooming, teeth cleaning and baths! He is vocal, pushy but very loving with an enormous appetite.

Zeph went to live with Mel in Lincoln, where he lives with his dad and lots of other family members.  

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Ares stayed with us at Seppstasja.

He is a fantastic leader  and led the team to 4th place in the BSHRA 4 dog champinship in 2015/2016, 4th place in the 3 dog championship in 2016/2017 and 3rd place in the 4 dog championship in 2017/2018.

He also took home a second place at Aviemore in 2016 with the help of his sisters Tali and Theia.

At home he loves to sit on your lap and chase his sister round the garden. A wonderful loving dog.




Bear went to live with Tony and Jo and has competed in many club races working mainly in lead.




Roxy is a hard working member of the team with great drive which makes running in lead her preferred position, even running single lead on a couple of occasions. Unfortunately we didn't manage many rallies last season for a number of reasons but are looking forward to a much better season this time round.

Roxy has shaped up really nicely in the last year and we hope she can go on to emulate some of her siblings successes on the trail in the coming seasons.

At home Roxy is the dog that craves the most attention. She loves a fuss and is extremely affectionate but insists on having you all to herself, often pushing the other dogs out the way to get in for cuddles. Being an attention seeker means she is often the dog that likes to make the most noise or cause some mischief, but we love her nonetheless.




Tali went to live with Tina and Andy, she has become a strong member of their race team and this season mastered the art of single lead.

She led her two favourite boys Thor and Odin to win the AMWA 3 dog championship 2015/2016. She also took the team home to many first places in the 3 dog BSHRA class, as well as placing 1st at many other races to beat even the 6 dog times.

Tali also won the Post Graduate class and best of breed at Ardingly show.

At home Tali keeps a keen eye on the other dogs making sure they don't get up to any mischief. She thrieves on attention and can often be found following Tina round.




Theia stayed here with us at Seppstasja. She is an incredible member of the team who never slows, never gives up and always gives her all.

She led Jacks BSHRA team in the 4 dog in 2015/2016 finishing in 4th place in the championship 2016/2017 running in the 3 dog finishing 4th in the championship and then 2017/2018 finishing 3rd in the championship. She also ran Aviemore in 2016 with her brother and sister finishing in 2nd place over the 2 days.

She makes herself known at home and is a big character in the house.

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