Seppstasjas Ares


Ares is one of our home bred pups from Pepper, he is a big boy and doesn't seem to realise how big he is when he curls up on your lap!

He runs in lead and has the best focus on our team, taking us past dogs, horses, wildlife. An incredible leader. 

The real stars at Seppstasja


Alka-shans Hailee @ Seppstasja


We imported Hailee from Alka-Shan kennels in Germany when she was a pup, she slotted straight in and is a friendly and sociable member of the family.

She is our wheel dog extraordinaire! Powerful and driven in harness she always gives her all in the team.


Siberian Husky Club Welfare


Kira is our resident welfare girl, she prefers to spend her time away from the other dogs however still enjoys a short blast around the forest with them.


Deercreeks Lenny


We imported Lenny from Deercreek kennels in America. He is our gentle giant and is besotted with his pal Pepper.

Lenny runs best in wheel with Pepper anywhere on the team, except behind him!


Starfires Jinx


Pepper is also an import from Deercreek Kennels in America, she is the mum to our two pups Ares and Theia.

She has an incredible working ethic and led Jacks team before the pups came along.

She trained both of them with their leading skills and did a great job! She has now gone on to train our two new pups Toby and Violet.



Arnora Girl


Star is our resident 'too posh to run' girl.

She has a great build for the job but much to Jacks disappointment refuses to run more than half a mile! She instead prefers a nice walk with her friends around the forest.

She was Jacks first siberian and the start of the slippery slope into the world of racing sibes.



Seppstasjas Theia


Theia is one of our home bred pups from Pepper and is often referred to as mad as a box of frogs!

She runs in lead and has an amazing drive and movement when in harness.



Iceshadows Warm Velvet


Thor likes to spend most of his time curled up on the sofa.

He still enjoys a run out in harness with the slower team and with a little bit more drive would be a great lead dog.



Aqua Swirls


Willow is our oldest girl, she is also our grumpiest. She likes to be the fun police when the pups are getting to rowdy!

Sadly Willow developed a liver deficiency and so had to stop running as her blood sugar levels drop too quickly. She does still enjoys a walk round the forest, but her favourite spot is on the sofa between Jack and Sarah.

Thor Hailee Lenny Pepper 10457511_10152554060606063_3886549268836946844_n 10429212_10154945911515389_9209749855673839318_n Theia Willow 254265_10151115328126127_268166566_n

Gone but never forgotten

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Pretty Morning Dew


Loki was Sarahs first Siberian Husky and will always have a special place here at Seppstasja.

He was gentle and calm and took everything in his stride. He loved to run in harness and led Sarahs team when she first started out.

Loki was taken from us far too soon.






Khyro came to Jack as an older dog to help him teach his lead dogs.

Khyro did a fantastic job before going on to help lead the slower team.

He ran right up until his last day when sadly he developed cancer.

He will always be missed as the grumpy old man of the kennel.

Ares Pedigree Hailee's Pedigree Theia's Pedigree 23844610_10159921051730389_3221420185601988138_n


Forstal's Zonta


Toby is one of our newest additions, kindly entrusted to us from Forstals kennels.

He is an very sensitive boy who has proven himself an incredible worker in harness with amazing drive for such a young boy.



DSC_0131 copy


Mysticenergy's Ultraviolet


Violet came to use from Mystic Energy kennels, she is an incredibly energetic dog who thankfully channels this onto the trail too. She is very hardworking and known to never give up.


18836068_10159015338945389_1709869474704536636_n copy Toby's Pedigree Violet's Pedigree